you are glass
crunching underfoot
and i am afraid
of walking in a way
that might
upset you

you are flames
and you burn
to the bone
but i walk through you
every day

and you are diabolical
you are a raging flood
i can’t control
you worm your way
to my very soul
and feed
on who i am

and i dont know what to say
when asked
why my mood is like
a game
of russian roulette
you never know
what you’re gonna get
and it’s thanks to you
these tidal waves
of painful days

i’ve let you live
rent free
inside of me
but you have gone too far
and i am going to start a fire
and smoke you out
of my head
i am going to flood you out
and leave you for dead
just like
you’ve done
for me
so many times

and i will use
all of who i am
to fight everything
you are
or die trying.

a letter to my mental illness M.N.G. (via palabrasquecantan)